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Fast, convenient and low cost.

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Pay with ZymPay

Cheaper than
money transfer
Direct – no hassle
for recipients
Pay bills in
a couple of clicks
We’re regulated
and safe
Certainty that
bills are paid
Better than sending cash,
and safer too

Safe and secure

We use banking level security features
to protect our customers’ data and
ensure adherence to cross-border
compliance policies.

Convenient, low cost and secure


Paying Granny’s electricity
bill used to be such a pain.
Now we do it with just a
few clicks."


We just paid an electricity
bill in Lagos, topped-up
five mobiles and paid
house insurance in Abuja…
all for a single fee."


With ZymPay we know
that the bill’s been paid.
It’s real peace-of-mind
that you don’t get with
money transfer."